Packages & Individual Services


Complete Ayurvedic Evaluation  $295 (two appointments-3 1/2 hours)

The complete Ayurvedic evaluation encompasses two separate appointments about 5-7 days apart.  

The first appointment (Initial Consultation) is where we do an Ayurvedic physical examination including pulse tongue, nail, palm, and eye evaluation along with basic Western medical diagnostics, and review long and short term mental, emotional, and spiritual characteristics and tendencies. During the second appointment (Report of Findings) I present you (in writing) the results of your evaluation with your constitution (Prakruti) and current state of health (Vikruti),  a proposed treatment program based on your health concerns including food and lifestyle recommendations, herbal formulas and the five sense therapies applicable to your case.

12-Day "Home" Panchakarma (Cleanse) 

Your cleansing program is individually designed based on your constitution, and current health concerns. Starting off with a complete Ayurvedic evaluation which is followed by a kitchari (Ayurvedic healing food) cooking class.  All supplies are included (except fresh vegetables, and an optional juice for the pre-cleanse). Supplies include Moong beans, basmati rice, medicated ghee, dosha spice blend, daily herbal formulas, and medicinal tea, Abhyanga, nasya, and swishing oils, garshana (dry massage) gloves, Epsom salts for nightly bath and basti supplies for final three days.  Daily massage therapies are done which facilitate the removal of toxins.  Although it is recommended to have five days of treatments in the clinic you can schedule up to five depending on your time and finances.  The days you do not come to the clinic for therapies you will be doing dry and wet massage at home.
Body Therapy Days / Prices: One day; $750 (minimum) / Two-days: $1000 / Three-days: $1250 (suggested) / Four-days: $1500 / 5-days: $1750 (heaven).

Bliss Therapy Day $275 (3 1/2 hrs.)

In Yoga and Ayurveda, bliss is defined as emersion with the highest being and your soul, and Bliss therapies bring balance the body, mind, and spirit.  Your day would start with a full Abhyanga massage, moving toxins out of the tissues and relaxing the body. Next, you will experience "Nasya" (nasal treatment) which cleanses the nasal passages and moisturizes the respiratory system. This is followed by Shirodhara treatment where warm medicated oil is streamed over the third eye region on the forehead, quieting the mind and brings intense introspection and calmness. You will finish your bliss day with "Swedana" a medicated steam session that aids in toxin removal and helps the oils used in the Abhyanga massage to integrate naturally into the body.

Individual Services


Herbal Consultation $85 (1 hr.)

This consultation starts off with you filling out a herbal history questionnaire which is submitted prior to our appointment.  During the appointment, we will review your concerns and formulas, and we will determine your objectives and goals.  You will receive in writing a recommendation and breakdown of herbal formulas.


Initial Consultation $170 (2 hr.)

Consists of a full Ayurvedic physical examination including pulse tongue, nail, palm, and eye evaluation along with basic western medical diagnostics and review mental, emotional, and spiritual characteristics and tendencies.  All findings are shared at this appointment.


The Report of Findings $170 (2 hr.)

This appointment is 1 ½ hour, and during this appointment, I present you (in writing) the results of your evaluation with your constitution (Prakruti), the current state of health (Vikruti),  a proposed treatment program based on your health concerns including diet, lifestyle recommendations, possible herbal formulas, and the five sense therapies.


Follow-up Appointments (After above evaluation appointments)

Appointments are 60 minutes and include reviewing symptoms and concerns, altering treatment plans, 

adding new practices and addressing all physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. 


Individual- $85

Package of three- $240 ($80 each)

Package of five- $375 ($75 each)

Package of ten - $700 ($70 each)


Abhyanga Massage $145 (90 min.)

Warm herbal oil massage with choreographed strokes and intuitive movements that are designed to detox the tissues, bring deep relaxation, and calmness to the mind.


Shirodhara Therapy $85 (45 min.)

Shirodhara balances calms and stabilizes the activity of the mind by streaming warm oil over the Ajna Chakra (3rd eye) allowing the mind to journey inward.


Swedana "Steam Therapy $50 (3o min.)

The word Swede means sweat and induced with medicated herbal steam therapy which draws toxins from the body while allowing the medicated oils used in the Abhyanga to be drawn into the tissues.


Marma Massage Therapy $85 (45 min.)

Marma uses the pressure points of the body and specific massage techniques to connect with the energetic pathways of the allowing healing and restoration of the tissue, channels, digestion, and mental functions by eliminating toxins and blockages.


Pinda Svedana $85 (60 min.)

A massage therapy that uses warm cloth boluses filled with medicated herbal rice that enhances circulation, muscle tone and strengthens the nervous system while restoring vitality, beneficial for Arthritis, MS, Paralysis, Parkinson’s, and Emaciation.


Nasya Therapy  $85 (45 min.)

Facial massage with Marma and specific heat therapies followed by the administration of medicated herbal oils to clean and purify the sinuses bringing mental focus and clarity.


External Bastis $85 (45 min.)

Dough dams are used encasing a specific region of the body and then filled with medicated oil or ghee to concentrate the therapeutic effect on that area. Types of bastis include adrenal, heart, thyroid, sacral, eyes and specific area with pain.


Ayurvedic Facials and Beauty Treatment $85 (60 min.)

Ayurvedic facials are designed specifically to each person’s dosha skin type and include; cleansing, toning, 

Marma massage, steam therapy, and moisturizing increase oxygen-blood circulation and overall cellular repair.


Private Yoga  $90 (75 min.)

Iyengar yoga is based on the Eight Limb Path of Ashtanga Yoga, emphasizing alignment, timing, and sequencing 

focusing on the body, mind, and spirit connection


Individual- $90

Package of three- $255 ($85 each)

Package of five- $400 ($80 each)

Package of ten - $750 ($75 each)


Initial Therapeutic Yoga Programs $175 (2 hr.)

Includes a personally designed therapeutic sequence/s which a documented with pictures of you doing the poses, and detailed descriptions for your home practice. 


Aromatherapy  $75 (45 min.)

Aromatherapy utilizes essential oils administered through inhalation therapy to treat imbalances or the body, mind, and spirit.  During this therapy, we will establish two personalized blends for your specific need which includes two mister bottles of your blends.


Cooking Instruction and Classes- Call for more information

Holistic cooking classes can be done on an individual basis either at my office or at your home and can also be designed for a group with specific themes and/or ethnicity.




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