Culinary & Miscellaneous Products

Culinary Products

Organic Culinary Spice Blends: $4.50 oz.

All culinary spices below are formulated to balance the doshas while aiding in the digestive, assimilation and elimination. 


Vata Balancing

Pitta Balancing

Kapha Balancing

Vata-Pitta Balancing

Vata-Kapha Balancing

Pitta-Kapha Balancing

Tri-Doshic with all six tastes 

Organic Ghee   8oz. $12 / 16oz. $22

Made from 100% organic butter.

Specialty Ghee's 8oz- $18

Turmeric, Three Seed, Triphala, Brahmi, Adaptogenic.

Organic Moong Beans   $9 per pound

100% organic, cooks in a few minutes, very high proteins, please read recipe for kitchari in the archive section.

Organic Basmati Rice   $5 per pound

Certified organic, cooks in 10 minutes.

Chyawanprash  16oz. $30 

An antioxidant-rich, anti-aging herbal formula used for longevity boosting immunity, detoxification, healthy digestive functions, while cleaning the blood and reducing cholesterol levels.  Made with organic Amalaki fruit from the Himalayas with 40 herbs and spices.  Read or download a complete article HERE.

Turmeric Nectar 8oz. $28.00

A delicious tri-doshic medicinal jam made with turmeric, pippali, cardamom, ginger, coconut oil and honey. A powerful anti-inflammatory that improves liver function and the digestive, assimilation and elimination processes.

Jeff's Six Taste Appetizer   8oz. $35

The six tastes (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent) when eaten together during a meal balances our digestive, assimilation and elimination process while improving digestive fire strong.

Jeff’s Chai Tea Blend   $18 bag

100% organic ingredients, avalible with caffeine or decaffeinated, makes 1 gallon.

Miscellaneous Items

The Science of Self-Healing, Dr. Vasant Lad   $15
One of the best begginers books on Ayurveda
The Book of Ayurveda, Judith Morrison    $20
Excellent first book on Ayurveda.
Kitchari Thermos   Large- $59 / Medium $40
This thermos is perfect for transporting your kitchari on the road with you.

Kitchari Funnel   $12

Fantasic product for getting your kitchari into your thermos.

Nutmeg Grinder   $12

The perfect addition to your pharmacy for grinding nutmeg fresh for your "Good Night" beverage

Individual Tea Infuser "The Little Dipper"   $12

Very simple to use and cleanup, good for one cup at a time.

Tongue Scraper   $8

This practice clears toxins and bacteria which leads to bad breath, enhances the sense of taste, stimulates the internal organs and promotes overall digestive and oral health.

Neti Pot   $20

The use of a Neti Pot supports cleamer breathing and sinus health, soothes nasal dryness and excess mucous.

Neti Pot Salts   $5 - 5oz.

These salts are 99.99% pure non-iodized salt with no additives or anti-caking agents, pharmaceutical grade.


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