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Online Yoga Classes

I hope you are all healthy and safe during this unprecedented time in our lives and for our society. 


Our yoga practices bring needed physical activity but also important focus, balance, and groundedness, and we can continue our practices while social distancing and being quarantined at home.

I will be teaching the following classes via Zoom technology  (, which is free and downloadable on your computers, laptops, and phones.

Online Yoga Classes

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays @  7-8:15 am PST ~ Join Zoom Class - MWF 7 am

Monday, Wednesday @ Fridays @ 9-10:15 am PST ~ Join Zoom Class - MWF 9 am

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6-7:15 pm PST  ~ Join Zoom Class TTh 6 pm

Sundays @ 9-10:15 am PST ~ Join Zoom Class Su 9 am


The Details:

1. To join a class, click or copy the links above.

2. We will be using minimal props during class, and I suggest having: 1-mat, 2-blocks, and a strap.  You can purchase some from Amazon, and Here is a handout with some suggestions. If you do not have yoga props you can household items substituting books for blocks, a belt from a robe, and you can have a couple of bathroom towels that can replace blankets.

3. Classes are by donation, and the easiest and the ways to send money are:

  • Venmo is very simple to set up with a bank account, and then you send money to people via their name, phone number, email address or Venmo username (mine is tsayurveda)

  • Zelle is a service that all major banks are connected by and offer transferring money without charge. You go on to their website, find your bank, set up your account you want to use, and then search whom you wish to send money to, very easy, my contact is Three Seasons Ayurveda.

  • Paypal accepts credit and debit cards. 

  • Send checks to; Jeff Perlman, 1033 3rd st. #309, Santa Monica, Cal. 90403