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Herbal Extract - Pure Focus

Herbal extracts are simiular to tinctures but differentiated by the solvent used for extraction. Tinctures are made with alcohol, and extracts are made with non-alcoholic glyceride. There are different processes for making these products also, either quickly requiring more equipment or the old fashion way by macerating (marinating) herbs in the solvent.

One of the benefits of a tincture is that the herb and alcohol enter the bloodstream more quickly, but glycerides are good alternatives for children, animals, and adults with alcohol sensitivities.

All herbal extracts that I make are produced with glycerin and are non-alcoholic.

This herbal extract has is a brain tonic, improves focus, memory, clarity, retention, introspection and cognition. Improves circulation, nervine stimulant, energizing, immunomodulator, and nervine tonic.

Dosages: Most adults use 1-2 eyedroppers, 1-3 times per day as need.

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