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Proper Food Combining

Digestion is the single most important long-term determinant of health in Ayurveda. Good digestion assures that all of the vitamins and minerals that you take in through your food will be absorbed from the intestines into the blood. Poor digestion not only inhibits nutrient absorption it also leads to the formation of toxins in your digestive tract which then get absorbed and cause disease. Indigestion, gas, heartburn, constipation, and diarrhea are all signs of poor digestion.

Food combining comes last in overall importance as compared to the general food habits and choosing the proper foods. Ninety five percent of all digestive difficulties should respond to the proper food choices and the general food habits. However, stubborn digestive difficulties that do not respond to these practices will usually respond to proper food combining. Therefore, follow these additional rules ONLY when you are experiencing persistent digestive difficulty.

*Salads are cold and bitter and they weaken digestion and so are best eaten at the end of the meal.

*Sweets should be eaten before a meal or as a snack between meals, not as a dessert. Sweets digest first and any other food is in your system will stop digesting and putrefy.

*Drinking astringent teas during or before a meal will weaken digestion.

*Do not combine meats, fish, or eggs with milk, potatoes, nuts, bread, rice and grains.

*Do not combine dairy products with sour or acidic fruit, meats or fish, bread, rice and grains.

*Do not eat sweets or drink fruit juice with salty foods or high-protein foods (meats, milk or cheese)

*In general, do not mix a protein with a concentrated carbohydrate or two different proteins

groups, such as meat and eggs. For example, do not eat fish with rice, chicken with noodles,

eggs with toast, bread with cheese, or cereal with milk.

*Fruit should be eaten away from other foods unless stewed or cooked.

Depending upon your constitution, you may eat:

Fish or meat with steamed vegetables and/or salad

Pasta with a vegetable or butter sauce and bread

Stir-fry rice and vegetables

Salad with either meat, cheese or bread

Baked potato with butter with vegetables and salad

Fruit as a snack

If you eat fruit smoothies feel free to add yogurt

Hot oatmeal makes an excellent breakfast

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