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Winter Meditation - Trataka त्राटक

Updated: Feb 18

During our waking hours, our minds are usually filled with many thoughts, good and bad. The mind tends to stay in a state of disturbance and distraction, leaving us scattered and unable to be present. The practice of Trataka (flame gazing) can bring an end to mind's distractions, enhances our ability to concentrate, increases the power of memory, and brings the mind into a state of supreme awareness, attention, and focus.

Gazing into the flame generates energy. As the eye's lens concentrates on the light and heat, it moves onto the retina, through the optical nerves to the rear of the brain. This energy increases in the pineal gland, known as the "Third Eye," converting light into electromagnetic energy responsible for the entire body's glandular system.

Light a candle or ghee lamp, or find a comfortable seated position on a chair, bolster of yoga blanket keeping the spine erect. Ensuring that the inner energy can flow smoothly through the subtle channels (Nadis) in the body.

Begin by taking a few deep breaths, focus your eyes on the flame. As thoughts arise, simply acknowledge them and let them go. If the eyes close, let your inner Self look at the flame, focus on the flame's "image," and notice how it may be changing. It may glow very brightly and then grow dim, only to glow brightly again. It may change colors and size. Bring your attention to the space between and just above your eyebrows, the Ajna Chakra, and the third eye-pineal gland connection.

The practice of Trataka will bring greater awareness, a relaxed state of mind, enhances brain wave function, and brings a more in-depth knowledge of the Self, all leading to the path to enlightenment.

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