Neti Pot

The Neti Pot was developed thousands of years ago by Ayurvedic practitioners in India to purify the nasal passages and sinuses and relieve congestion.

Breathing in allergens and toxins can increase the production of mucus increasing congestion and possible inflammation

While there are many nasal sprays available on the market to help with the symptoms of cold & flu, they are often costly and contain ingredients that you probably don’t want to put up your nose. Using a neti pot is very affordable and natural, and will help prevent illnesses.

Additionally, the use of the neti pot helps your yoga practice by balancing prana in your asana and pranayama practice.

The use of the neti pot is a common daily practice for many traditional yogis in India. Hygiene practices such as this are used to detoxify the body to keep if functioning well.


Fill the neti pot with lukewarm water.

Add ¼ teaspoon of sea salt or table salt (without added iodine) to the water, Neti salt is sold at health food stores or on line.

Lean your head forward over the basin, bending your neck down slightly with your eyes looking downwards, gently place the spout of the neti pot inside your right nostril, forming a seal to avoid any outer leakage.

Open your mouth slightly, breathe continuously through your open mouth during this sinus cleansing procedure, which allows the necessary air passageway so that the water will not drain into your mouth.

Tilt your head sideways, so that your right nostril is directly above your left nostril. Tip the neti pot, allowing the water solution to pour into your right nostril, the water will naturally drain from your left nostril into the sink.

Add ¼ teaspoon of sea salt or table salt (without added iodine) to the water, Neti salt is sold at health food stores or online.

After the net pot is empty, remove the spout from your nostril, and exhale through both nostrils. Gently blow your nose into a tissue.

About halfway through the water, change sides and finish the other side.

Apply Nasya oil after the nostrils have dried.

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