I’ve started consulting with Jeff last August as I was experiencing some spleen and liver issues as well as chronic headaches and fatigue. After a very informative first session about Ayurveda which I wasn’t very familiar with, I got to know more about my Dosha profile and started Jeff’s tailored treatment which consisted of a new diet (including yummy recipes that worked with my Dosha), handmade herbal tea and Nasya oil, among other things like breathing exercises and meditations that I could easily include in my daily routine.... Jeff, who’s also a chef, even cooked for me! I was able to see dramatic improvement on my health in the following days, which was pretty spectacular for me. I will continue to regularly consult Jeff and would strongly recommend him to anybody interested in this amazing medicine that is AyurSantaveda.

Fabrice J 

Working with Jeff has changed my life. I came to him with intense migraines and overall imbalance and his treatment program brought significant shifts in my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Jeff is incredibly thoughtful and realistic and through careful adjustments in my diet, mindfulness, and yoga practice, everything from my sleep, skin, mental health, and migraines have improved.- RJ 2019


I came to Jeff Perlman at Three Seasons Ayurveda to complement my yoga practice, to help find mental and emotional balance, and to have an awareness of how what I do each day impacts my overall health and well-being. After just a month, I can honestly say I'm seeing an improvement in all those areas of my life and  I will continue to examine Ayurvedic principles in order to find balance again.- Christine N 2019


I was lucky enough to find Jeff after learning about Ayurveda and wanted to find help managing an eczema condition that had escalated. Every dermatologist and allergist I had seen offered me nothing but a shrug and prescriptions for topical steroids. Jeff took his time to really learn about my life and designed a protocol to address the root cause of my problem. I would recommend him highly.- Barbara M 2018


I first met Jeff at an introduction to Ayurveda he was teaching and immediately set up an appointment to find help with chronic constipation.  After a full evaluation, Jeff prescribed an Ayurvedic treatment program that gave me a new direction, implementing simple lifestyle changes, herbal medicines, and diet, and have never felt better.  I continue to work with him and follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Candice H. 2019


I recently went through a detoxification cleansing process with Jeff and could not recommend him more highly. Jeff was so attentive before, during and after the cleanse since I had some sensitivities. He cares deeply and gives more than is expected. The final massage was absolutely amazing and stayed with me for a long time. His knowledge of Ayurveda is clearly deep. High praise! Kathy L. 2017


I've seen Jeff on many occasions, first to get an Ayurvedic evaluation and to initially treat intense anxiety and stress.  On my second appointment, I experienced Abhyanga and Shirodhara treatments which completely brought me to an amazing balanced, and I left feeling renewed and re-energized, and so calm.  I definitely recommend Jeff for everything Ayurveda.-

GI Jun 2019


I had been experiencing extreme inflammation and allergies for many years and started seeing Jeff in 2015.  With his guidance, I have been able to identify lifestyle patterns and along with dietary and herbal medicines I have been given a new life. My trip to India for Panchakarma was incredible and have continued with this practice each year.- David G. 2017


Jeff was referred to me by for Yoga therapy sessions for my multiple sclerosis and then after one of his Ayurvedic workshops, he started helping me fine-tuning my daily practices, nutritional needs and I have been using herbal formulas for two years now that has helped immensely with my MS.  Love this guy!- Daniel S. 2017

I was introduced to Ayurveda by Jeff a couple of years ago when I started practicing yoga with him and then attended a couple of his Ayurvedic workshops.  I started working with him on some health concerns that my western doctor could not seem to really help me with.  I have always been drawn to India but never found the right opportunity to go until Jeff recommend me coming for Panchakarma with him in India.  It was so exciting visiting India and experiencing Kerala where Jeff takes groups for this ancient practice and yoga retreat.  Jeff I so knowledgeable about yoga and Ayurveda I am so glad that I bit the bullet and decided to attend.  Big thumbs up for India and Three Seasons Ayurveda.- Carla L 2018


Wow, what can I say, traveling to India with Jeff was a dream come true for me.  I first met Jeff in an Iyengar Yoga class about 5 years ago and then went to an introductory class on Ayurveda which blew my mind about how to bring Ayurvedic practices into my life. I had also gone to some Ayurvedic cooking classes with Jeff and then decided it was time to go to Kerala in 2019.  I could not believe how beautiful India was and the Ayurvedic center was so magical, I had a lovely cottage and could hear the waves in my room and each day I had two therapists administer two hours of ayurvedic treatments to me and the yoga classes were so informative. The food was so amazing and I would recommend this outing and Jeff to everyone.- Patricia S 2018


My yoga retreat at Kerala, India with Jeff Pearlman was the best gift I have ever given myself. For 10 days I was pampered, refreshed and renewed in body and soul. Daily meditation and breathing set the tone of each day followed by two hours of treatments prescribed by my individually assigned Ayurvedic Doctor.  Daily massages with warm oils, milk, and reviving facials were prescribed by the doctor according to my needs. My body was refreshed by the huge vegetarian buffet labeled according to each ”Dosha” so it was easy to select foods that benefited my determined constitution. Two hours of daily yoga led by Jeff Perlman strengthened and stretched my body. Dinner was usually al fresco with daily entertainment of dance and music from India. I highly recommend giving yourself this beautiful gift of total renewal. - Angelia M 2019


I have been working with Jeff for two years starting when I was dealing with cancer and surgeries, and he is very helpful and caring. His products are made for my needs and are wonderful and have assisted me greatly in improving my health and energy. As my strength improved, we started yoga therapy class and then he designed a couple of yoga sequences for me to practice as home. I highly recommend him.- Bollywood Barni 2018


I started coming to see Jeff in 2015 and he guided me with my health concerns and started using Jeff’s handmade products.  I move back to France in 2017 and have bought them on many occasions for myself and as gifts.  Most recently I put in a large order of products and the turnaround time was amazing! He personally called me to ensure the specificity of my order was correct and shipped it out in no time at all. The customer service here is top-notch!- Ellen W 2016


Jeff and I connected almost two years ago when I first took his Iyengar yoga class. From the very start, Jeff impressed me with his wealth of knowledge about the science of yoga and Ayurveda.  I learned a lot from him about holistic living and Ayurveda and was able to implement some changes to my diet and lifestyle. During a private yoga instruction, Jeff designed a wonderful sequence of asanas and meditation I am very thankful to Jeff for his support on my journey to health and wellbeing.-

Larissa L 2017


A friend I trust deeply recommended Jeff and I could not be happier. I am consulting him for an Ayurvedic health program and he is kind, knowledgeable and patient. He is clearly passionate about what he does and his desire to help others. I am very excited about what I am learning and looking forward to more appointments. I’m very lucky to have met Jeff over a year ago.  Thanks to his teachings and his guidance I have been able to grow in many areas of and my life and now are able to see many tangible and positive results in myself.- Laurie R. 2015

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