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Three Seasons Ayurveda Testimonials

I highly recommend the Kerala Ayurvedic retreat with Jeff Perlman. The retreat center is gorgeous on the Arabian Sea, with lovely, very comfortable, clean, and modern cottages. Jeff is such a trustworthy guide-he’s organized, knowledgeable and available. The treatments, food, and atmosphere at Manaltheeram are perfect! The retreat center has won the best Ayurvedic center in India six or seven times. 
I loved learning aspects of Ayurveda, yoga, and pranayama from Jeff. This was one of my most rejuvenative, healing, and restorative trips.- Mia Wigmore 2022


Jeff was very thorough and patient during my initial intake. He took the time to gather my information and answer my questions. During my follow-up appointment, he explained my dosha with details for food, spices, and oils that I could use. He didn't require me to purchase items, but he has everything you need right there. I've been using an oil he recommended (dripped into my nose), and I've not had allergies to the LA air or pollen since I started. I also feel more grounded and less likely to "Vata out" (spin out with fast, hyper, flighty energy). I recommend his services.-Enrica Gaspari 2021


I had the Marma massage therapy when I visited Santa Monica. Jeff provided extraordinary service. He is a very empathetic, caring practitioner. He shared his Ayurvedic knowledge and practical advice. I highly recommend his practice to anyone looking for a healing experience.- Anastasia Osling 2021


I have had Jeff as a yoga teacher, Iyengar instructor, and Ayurveda practitioner for several years. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He is a great listener, compassionate, and trustworthy. His products and recipes helped me solve various health challenges I went through. He has great attention to detail when manufacturing and packaging his products. He is very serious and also has a great sense of humor. I certainly recommend him!- Rudi Bianchi, 2020


I've been taking classes from the respected Instructor Perlman, initially in person for a couple of years at Yoga Works and for the past year (~2020) via Zoom. He offers a gentle Iyengar Yoga class but provides the direction to take your poses deeper if you choose. As he gets to know your practice, he is sensitive to the specifics of each student and doesn't hesitate to give directions to each student. His classes are a two-way street, as he takes feedback from his students. An added bonus is that some of his regular students come to class with their pets, which adds a sense of endearment (at least, it does for me). Give it a try; the worst that can happen is that you might have to laugh at one of his (usually self-deprecating) jokes.- Neil Quateman 2020


I am a student in Jeff Perlman’s Iyengar yoga classes. Pre-pandemic, I would practice with Jeff 1-2 times per week at a local yoga studio. I first met him when he was substituting for the regular teacher and immediately liked how he taught and his personality. Jeff has been offering Zoom classes regularly during the pandemic, and I find myself practicing 3-4 times per week, schedule permitting. It’s so convenient and is helping me try to stay sane during prolonged stay-at-home periods. Students are tuning in to Jeff’s classes from around the City and around the world. Jeff’s set-up is as close to in-person as you could hope for. His technology works great, and students’ cameras are on. I much prefer this to the one-sided video and Zoom classes others offer. Jeff can address me specifically and does so frequently to check in, suggest adjustments, and offer personalized assistance to me so that I can further challenge myself. Iyengar yoga uses props such as bolsters, blankets, etc. Jeff keeps a supply of these on hand for pickup at his place in Santa Monica. They are of good quality and have good prices. So, what is a class like? Great! Jeff starts slowly to get you focused, then moves through poses carefully until the wonderful finale – Savasana, resting pose! Jeff has a nice manner, with just enough humor, including laughing at himself. Jeff is a lifelong learner and frequently attends workshops and other classes to keep his skills sharp. I highly recommend Jeff Perlman of Three Seasons Ayurveda, and it's a pleasure to share this review.- Lisa Quateman, 2020


Jeff shows a sense of caring/deep listening when meeting with his clients and provides a variety of high-quality herbal preparations very quickly upon request! His background as a chef is an extra bonus, as he always has helpful, balancing food and recipe suggestions in addition to other lifestyle ideas. I would highly recommend his services. Amelia Russo-Neustadt, Irvine. Sangha 2019


I have traveled to Kerala, India, with Jeff to study Iyengar Yoga, pranayama, and even Hindu Yoga philosophy. His depth of knowledge on these subjects is incredible and easy to understand. My study of pranayama and Iyengar Yoga has continued with him here in Los Angeles. I also use Three Seasons Ayurveda products every day. The Nasya Oils and Swishing Oil have become a part of my morning rituals. The Nasya Oil has improved my pranayama practice. It has cleared the air passages in my nose tremendously. I am happier because of the extra oxygen getting to my brain. I trust his expertise in the practice of Ayurvedic treatments. And would recommend him to anyone wanting a holistic approach to health, beauty, and wellness.- Brigitte Hardine 2019


I was introduced to Jeff and Three Seasons Ayurveda at a workshop year back and have been hooked on his work and products. His knowledge is unsurpassed and trusted. I have been a user of his Three Seasons Ayurveda products for some years now. A few of my favorites: Nasya oil has solved my nasal irritation and need for any over-the-counter nasal products. His seasonal lip balm is a LIFESAVER! My lips have never been better cared for. I can’t live without it. Love trying new products from his collection and will be a forever customer. Thanks, Jeff!- Kayla Jane 2020


Jeff introduced me to the world of Ayurveda. His understanding and ability to communicate are excellent. He can incorporate the key pieces of Ayurveda into daily living and lifestyle, which for me, have had extraordinary benefits.- Ralda Adams, 2019


Jeff is a wonderful yoga teacher and very knowledgeable about Holistic medicine. He has a great sense of humor and the gift of patience when explaining yoga poses. His knowledge and ability to communicate is commendable. I feel fortunate and grateful to be his student.- Dede Vlietstra 2020


Working with Jeff is great! Comprehensive initial work that helped me land some great solutions for my constitution :) thank you.- Jonathan Stidd 2020


Jeff, I have been grateful for your Iyengar Yoga classes. When I first met you I knew you were a gifted teacher. If you never tried Iyengar, try Jeff's classes. I believe through Jeff's Iyengar teaching, my body has the best chance of staying strong through the years. I recognize that you provide much more attention even via ZOOM than the big studios like Yoga Works... With your state-of-the-art camera and technology, you are able to watch all your students and help us to self-adjust our poses. And with ZOOM, I am attending more Yoga than I ever did because it's a home or wherever I go. Jeff's 4x weekly Yoga classes have been the best therapy during Quarantine, both Emotionally and Physically. As a psychologist, Yoga is always been my #1 recommended stress management tool, whether it is breathing practice or physical alignment Yoga poses. Jeff, please know your classes during this Pandemic are truly appreciated.- Dr. Chevy 2020


Working with Jeff has changed my life. His treatment plans infuse my needs with his expertise in Ayurveda, Herbology, Yoga Therapy, and Holistic Cooking to create significant shifts in my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Jeff is also incredibly thoughtful and realistic about how his plans impact your life. Through carefully crafted yet small adjustments in my diet, mindfulness, and yoga practice, everything from my sleep, skin, mental health, and migraines has improved.- RJ Stidd 2019


I have been practicing yoga with Jeff for 7 years. His depth of knowledge, ability to adapt to everyone’s "issues," and humor makes his class one I hate when I have to miss. He incorporates so much knowledge about yoga, breathing, and eating that I leave every class feeling enlightened. He does give a gift for being all things to all people. Patti Gallagher 2019


I love Jeff Perlman. I’ve known him for years as a yoga teacher and have consulted with him several times in his capacity as a doctor of Ayurveda. I’m particularly happy with the Nasya oil he made for me and the dal spice created to fit my constitution. Jeff is a kind, trustworthy fellow.- Mia Wigmore 2018


Lots of valuable information and teaching. Highly recommend!- Paul Rizo 2019


Jeff is highly knowledgeable, capable, fun, and gifted. His ability to communicate is truly remarkable. He is precise and always has alternatives to make specific yoga.- Shelagh McNally, 2020


At my advanced age, there is no chance of me making huge changes at the last minute, and what I love about Jeff Perlman’s approach at Three Seasons Ayurveda (which, to my everlasting joy, is now available to all via Zoom) is that no matter your life stage, Jeff has a plan for that: a customizable path which you can take with confidence in Jeff's ability to lead. Know that Jeff's remedies are the purest he can find, and he scours the earth with the zeal of a Cordon Bleu Chef. I heartily recommend studying with Jeff. He is a clear, kind, vigilant, and wise teacher and healer.- JP Townsend 2020


Jeff Perlman is a wonderfully knowledgeable and sensitive Yoga instructor and Ayurvedic clinician. I have used both services for over a year. I am stronger and wiser in my yoga practice and healthier by knowing how to balance with Ayurvedic medicines, herbs, and foods. Whether you are new or experienced, Jeff can help you better your mind and body balance. I highly suggest exploring and having a consultation.- Claire Worch, 2020


Jeffrey is Amazing. I found him the last time I was in LA. Not only are his services incredible ( I would seriously recommend any of his bodywork), but his accuracy on my report and his attention to detail with diet were superb. and on top of all this, he has a generosity of spirit and sincere warm care for the wellbeing of every client. You can't get better! truly! I’m so grateful to him.- Gemma Massot 2020


Jeff Perlman is certainly one of the best Iyengar instructors. He makes sure his students do the poses correctly. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has all the degrees of certification. He has helped me tremendously in my recovery from breast cancer and related surgeries. I can't do yoga without him!!! I'm so grateful for Jeff.- Anita Tilley, 2020


Jeff is incredible. He does treatments that no one else offers in LA. I’ve been going to him for years and experienced the level of Ayurvedic bodywork I’ve only ever had in India. He’s also a great guy and cares. Will be back again and again. Thanks, Jeff!!- David Ellen, 2020

I first met Jeff at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Los Angeles and was amazed at his path into Ayurveda.  I have used his services many times and continue to use his products today.  The quality of his homemade oils and body products is amazing and incomparable with other ayurvedic products I have tried.  He is a knowledgeable and well-prepared Ayurvedic doctor with vast knowledge of herbs and the yogic practices used in Ayurvedic to bring health.- Jan W, 2021


I have known and practiced with Jeff over the past six years.  Initially, I met him at Yogaworks as my instructor in the morning Iyengar classes, and when I found out he was an Ayurvedic doctor, I started seeing him as my holistic health person.  He has helped over the years with my yoga practice and continues to be my teacher online with zoom since covid three days per week, and I continue to see him once or twice a year for specific health concerns.  He is caring and very detailed about teaching with my limitations and injuries, and I would never hesitate to recommend him.- Stefanie B 2021


First of all, Jeff's presence is very calming. Especially if you have a lot of Vata, you just feel relaxation seeping through your muscles when you meet Jeff. Then, the information intake is a very thorough procedure laced with a delicious herbal drink Jeff prepares for you before the visit. And every time you visit, Jeff will prepare another amazing herbal healing drink. If you get panchakarma, Jeff will feed you some meals. For that experience, since Jeff is a professional chef, I suggest you get the detoxification plan with hands-on treatments. Of course, panchakarma is great at detoxifying your body. Jeff offers other services, including yoga to detoxify your mind, food recommendations to maintain the detoxified body, and pranayama to sustain your soul. Contact Jeff and see how your mind, body and soul, and possibly life, changes.-EV 2020

I’ve started consulting with Jeff last August as I was experiencing some spleen and liver issues as well as chronic headaches and fatigue. After a very informative first session about Ayurveda which I wasn’t very familiar with, I got to know more about my Dosha profile and started Jeff’s tailored treatment which consisted of a new diet (including yummy recipes that worked with my Dosha), handmade herbal tea and Nasya oil, among other things like breathing exercises and meditations that I could easily include in my daily routine. Jeff, who’s also a chef, even cooked for me! I was able to see a dramatic improvement in my health in the following days, which was pretty spectacular for me. I will continue to regularly consult Jeff and would strongly recommend him to anybody interested in this amazing medicine that is Ayurveda.- Fabrice 2020

Working with Jeff has changed my life. I came to him with intense migraines and overall imbalance and his treatment program brought significant shifts in my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Jeff is incredibly thoughtful and realistic and through careful adjustments in my diet, mindfulness, and yoga practice, everything from my sleep, skin, mental health, and migraines have improved.- RJ 2019


I came to Jeff Perlman at Three Seasons Ayurveda to complement my yoga practice, to help find mental and emotional balance, and to have an awareness of how what I do each day impacts my overall health and well-being. After just a month, I can honestly say I'm seeing an improvement in all those areas of my life and  I will continue to examine Ayurvedic principles to find balance again.- Christine N 2019


I was lucky enough to find Jeff after learning about Ayurveda and wanted to find help managing an eczema condition that had escalated. Every dermatologist and allergist I had seen offered me nothing but a shrug and prescriptions for topical steroids. Jeff took his time to learn about my life and designed a protocol to address the root cause of my problem. I would recommend him highly.- Barbara M 2018


I first met Jeff at an introduction to Ayurveda he was teaching and immediately set up an appointment to find help with chronic constipation.  After a full evaluation, Jeff prescribed an Ayurvedic treatment program that gave me a new direction; implementing simple lifestyle changes, herbal medicines, and diet, and have never felt better.  I continue to work with him and follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle. -Candice H. 2019


I recently went through a detoxification cleansing process with Jeff and could not recommend him more highly. Jeff was so attentive before, during, and after the cleanse since I had some sensitivities. He cares deeply and gives more than is expected. The final massage was amazing and stayed with me for a long time. His knowledge of Ayurveda is deep. High praise! -Kathy L. 2017


I've seen Jeff on many occasions, first to get an Ayurvedic evaluation and to initially treat intense anxiety and stress.  On my second appointment, I experienced Abhyanga and Shirodhara treatments which completely brought me to an amazing balance, and I left feeling renewed, re-energized, and so calm.  I recommend Jeff for everything Ayurveda.- GI Jun 2019


I had been experiencing extreme inflammation and allergies for many years and started seeing Jeff in 2015.  With his guidance, I have been able to identify lifestyle patterns, and along with dietary and herbal medicines, I have been given a new life. My trip to India for Panchakarma was incredible, and I have continued with this practice each year.- David G. 2017


Jeff was referred to me for Yoga therapy sessions for my multiple sclerosis, and then after one of his Ayurvedic workshops, he started helping me fine-tune my daily practices and nutritional needs. I have been using herbal formulas for two years now that have helped immensely with my MS.  Love this guy!- Daniel S. 2017

I was introduced to Ayurveda by Jeff a couple of years ago when I started practicing yoga with him and then attended a couple of his Ayurvedic workshops.  I started working with him on some health concerns that my western doctor could not seem to help me with.  I have always been drawn to India but never found the right opportunity to go until Jeff recommend that I come for Panchakarma with him in India.  It was so exciting visiting India and experiencing Kerala, where Jeff takes groups for this ancient practice and yoga retreat.  Jeff, I am so knowledgeable about yoga and Ayurveda I am so glad that I bit the bullet and decided to attend.  Big thumbs up to India and Three Seasons Ayurveda.- Carla L 2018


Wow, what can I say? Traveling to India with Jeff was a dream come true for me.  I first met Jeff in an Iyengar Yoga class about 5 years ago and then went to an introductory class on Ayurveda which blew my mind about bringing Ayurvedic practices into my life. I also went to some Ayurvedic cooking classes with Jeff and decided it was time to go to Kerala in 2019.  I could not believe how beautiful India was, and the Ayurvedic center was so magical, I had a lovely cottage and could hear the waves in my room, and each day I had two therapists administer two hours of ayurvedic treatments to me, and the yoga classes were so informative. The food was so amazing, and I recommend this outing and Jeff to everyone.- Patricia S, 2018


My yoga retreat in Kerala, India, with Jeff Perlman, was the best gift I have ever given myself. For 10 days, I was pampered, refreshed, and renewed in body and soul. Daily meditation and breathing set the tone of each day followed by two hours of treatments prescribed by my individually assigned Ayurvedic Doctor.  Daily massages with warm oils, milk, and reviving facials were prescribed by the doctor according to my needs. My body was refreshed by the huge vegetarian buffet labeled according to each ”Dosha,” so it was easy to select foods that benefited my determined constitution. Two hours of daily yoga led by Jeff Perlman strengthened and stretched my body. Dinner was usually al fresco, with daily dance and music entertainment from India. I highly recommend giving yourself this beautiful gift of total renewal.- Angelia M 2019


I have been working with Jeff for two years, starting when I was dealing with cancer and surgeries, and he is very helpful and caring. His products are made for my needs and are wonderful and have assisted me greatly in improving my health and energy. As my strength improved, we started yoga therapy class, and then he designed a couple of yoga sequences for me to practice at home. I highly recommend him.- Bollywood Barni 2018


I started coming to see Jeff in 2015, and he guided me with my health concerns, and I started using Jeff’s handmade products.  I move back to France in 2017 and have bought them on many occasions for myself and as gifts.  Most recently, I put in a large order of products, and the turnaround time was amazing! He personally called me to ensure the specificity of my order was correct and shipped it out in no time. The customer service here is top-notch!- Ellen W 2016


Jeff and I connected almost two years ago when I first took his Iyengar yoga class. From the very start, Jeff impressed me with his knowledge of the science of yoga and Ayurveda.  I learned a lot from him about holistic living and Ayurveda and was able to implement some changes to my diet and lifestyle. During a private yoga instruction, Jeff designed a wonderful sequence of asanas and meditation. I am very thankful to Jeff for his support on my journey to health and well-being.- Larissa L 2017


A friend I trust deeply recommended Jeff, and I could not be happier. I am consulting him for an Ayurvedic health program; he is kind, knowledgeable, and patient. He is passionate about what he does and his desire to help others. I am very excited about what I am learning and looking forward to more appointments. I’m very lucky to have met Jeff over a year ago.  Thanks to his teachings and his guidance, I have been able to grow in many areas of my life and now am able to see many tangible and positive results in myself.- Laurie R. 2015

My husband and I had the great pleasure of attending an Iyengar Yoga Retreat in Kerala, India, organized by Jeff Perlman.  You know you are in good hands with Jeff, who has been to the Manaltheeram Ayurvedic Group many times.  He chose this wonderful seaside resort to practice daily Pranayama and Yoga.  His knowledge and passion for Iyengar Yoga and an Ayurvedic lifestyle are always present in his teachings and talks.  The retreat aims at rejuvenating the mental, physical and emotional self. We are so grateful for this unique experience and look forward to returning with Jeff for a future retreat.- Vivian & John L 2019


Kerala is a magical place!  Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and has chosen an amazing place for his retreats.    I went in with no regular meditation, pranayama, or yoga practice.  No experience with Ayurveda and only a little bit of knowledge that Jeff had shared before the trip.  I returned committed to daily meditation and breathing practice and excited to explore the world of Yoga more.  Jeff is helpful every step of the way and open to all questions.  I learned so much about Ayurveda and myself.  This retreat was the perfect reset, and I am still overwhelmed with gratitude to Jeff, to the great group on the retreat with me, and for the opportunity to experience all of it. -Karen E 2019


“Going to India with Jeff was stressful and hassle-free but fun!  I learned a lot about myself and how to adopt an Ayurvedic lifestyle. I was extremely impressed by the accommodations. And delighted by the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff that works in the resort. The Ayurvedic doctors were very knowledgeable. The food and Ayurvedic treatments were exquisite! I felt extremely rested and renewed after it all.  Jeff provided such an interesting and in-depth introduction to yoga, meditation, and pranayama. It was one of the most fun learning experiences  I have ever had!  His daily classes were a great combination of Ayurvedic treatments. This is a retreat I would attend again and again!-Brigitte H 2019


“Jeff Perlman was a great guide to this Ayurvedic adventure. He brought us to a tropical paradise filled with sensory delights, where all our needs were attended to. He struck a perfect balance of being available when we needed him and not intruding on our individual experiences when we wanted our space. He provided information as we needed it—about Ayurveda, yoga, the Kerala region, and things to do there. He did his best to make sure each of us had a memorable and satisfying experience.”- Terry W 2017


I attended the 14-day PK program with Jeff in November 2017. It was the best decision I had ever made. Before attending the retreat, I had many issues with constipation, anxiety, anger, and general frustration. The retreat provided me with a sense of well-being, and the care and love I received from the center, the Ayurvedic hospital, the staff, and the physicians were wonderful. The yoga and pranayama that Jeff provided were balancing and well thought out. It was different every day, Jeff was very in-tune with all of us, and the self-care he provided us was amazing. Since returning home, I have retained much of the balance I received while in India. I guess it gave me the tools and knowledge that I needed. Thanks to India and to Jeff for creating a wonderful retreat.- Tara M 2017


Traveling to India with Jeff was a truly unique and enriching experience. After a two-week stay in a beautiful beach facing the Arabian sea, I returned home feeling renovated and strong physically and emotionally. Having pranayama and yoga classes every day under Jeff’s guidance and care is just what I needed, and it perfectly complemented the Panchakarma treatments we received at the clinic. Every day, under the care of an Ayurveda doctor, we received a series of treatments that, little by little, started showing positive effects on my system. All staff members at the clinic were very professional and friendly. Sharing quality time with others in the group was a wonderful experience I will want to repeat.- Luis C 2017


The trip with Jeff to Kerala, India, in November 2017 was magical. The location of Manaltheeram was beautiful, and the Ayurvedic doctors, staff, and treatments were very comprehensive.  Jeff is an impeccable host and was so well prepared, from his Yoga Asana and Pranayama classes to organizing outings and being available to describe each of our Ayurvedic treatments; he was always accessible and informative.  I would do it again in a heartbeat and fret the two-week retreat, I felt so rested and healthy - it was well worth it. - Affi B 2017

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