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Ayurveda believes that disharmony and disease occur when we forget that our natures are "Spirit."  My goal at Three Seasons Ayurveda is to help you find your body, mind and spirit connection and achieve perfect health.


Western medicine treats the symptoms of disease where Ayurveda addresses the individual and looks to the cause of illness.  Ayurveda works closely with your western doctors, but it is essential to understand that holistic healing and change can take time and patience.


The first step in Ayurveda is to understand your constitution "Prakruti" which is the inherent balance of the three doshas at birth and your current state of health known as "Vikruti."  This process requires two appointments; the first meeting is called the Initial consultation, where we review your health concerns, long and short-term tendencies, and do a physical exam including pulse, tongue, nail and palm diagnosis.  The second appointment is called the Report of Findings where I present the findings, and a suggest treatment plan to you in writing that includes: the five sense therapies, foods, spices and herbs, yoga, pranayama and meditation that are applicable for your case. 


Initially, follow-up appointments are recommended every two weeks and then becoming less frequent over time and ultimately seasonally.


I look forward to working with you on your health concerns.


Jeff Perlman

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