Evaluations & Consultations

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Ayurveda believes that disharmony and disease occur when we forget that our true natures are "Spirit", and the goal of Three Seasons Ayurveda is to help you find your body, mind, and spirit connection and achieve perfect health.


The Comprehensive evaluation will establish your constitution (Prakruti) and current state of health (Vikruti) which is the basis of understanding and developing an Ayurvedic holistic health program and ongoing lifestyle to achieve perfect health.


Ayurveda differs from Western medicine by looking to the root cause of disease and does not just treat your symptoms and to achieve your long-term health goals usually does usually some time and possibly follow-up appointments, but if Ayurveda and holistic health appeal to you then the evaluation process is the place to start.

Ayurvedic Evaluation $295

The complete Ayurvedic Evaluation includes two appointments. The first (Initial Consultation) is done in person with an Ayurvedic physical examination of the pulse, tongue, nail, and eye evaluation along with basic Western medical diagnostics and evaluates long and short-term mental characteristics and tendencies. The second appointment (Report of Findings) is either done in person or virtual, where I present the results of your Evaluation to you (in writing). This includes your constitution (Prakruti), your current state of health (Vikruti), and a proposed treatment program based on your health concerns, including food and lifestyle recommendations, suggested herbals, and the applicable five sense therapies.

Herbal Consultation $125

Before this appointment, a health questionnaire is submitted documenting current medications, herbals and supplements.  We review a proposed treatment program during this appointment, and a written program is supplied.

Dietary & Nutritional Consultation- $125

Before this appointment, a health questionnaire is submitted with a 5-day food journal, documenting supplements, herbals & medications. We discuss a proposed treatment plan, and a written program is supplied.

Aromatherapy Consultation- $85

Aromatherapy utilizes essential oils administered through inhalation therapy to treat imbalances or the body, mind, and spirit. We make two personalized blends during this appointment based on your health concerns.

Follow-up Appointments- $85

During this appointment, we review your current program, discuss new concerns, altering treatments, and adding new practices addressing your health concerns.


Package of three- $210 ($70 each)

Package of five- $325 ($65 each)

Private Yoga-  $100

Personalized yoga practice based on health concerns emphasizing alignment, timing, and sequencing focuses on the body, mind, and spirit connection.

Package of three- $240 ($80 each)

Package of five- $375 ($75 each)


Therapeutic Yoga Programs $170

Includes a personally designed therapeutic sequence which a documented with pictures of you doing the poses and detailed descriptions for your home practice.