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Ginger Pickle

Updated: Feb 18

This pickled ginger condiment is great to take before eating to aid digestion and dissolve toxins in the digestive tract. Ideally, take it five minutes before eating (but it can be taken anytime). It will kindle Agni (the body’s digestive fire), which helps transform food into nutrients and prevents the formation of Ama (toxins- wastes) that create disease. You can make a batch of this and keep it in the refrigerator.


4oz fresh ginger, peeled

1-3 teaspoons of fresh lime juice

Pinch mineral salt


Peel ginger and slice into thin slices (as thin as possible) and place in a small airtight container.

Add the lime juice and salt and mix well.

How to use: Take a slice of ginger before eating, or when your digestion seems sluggish, it will kindle your digestive fire.

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