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Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning action or deed and is often understood as “what goes around comes around.” It teaches us that our choices and actions have reactions and outcomes. When our actions are positive, selfless, and righteous, they have positive effects. Conversely, when our actions are dishonest, harmful, and hurtful, they can be damaging now and in the future. 

By understanding karma, we can make better choices, leading to a more fulfilling life.


According to philosophy, there are three types of karma;


When born, we bring completed and accumulated karma from our past, called Sanchitta karma, which cannot be changed and come to fruition with every action made in the past and our present lives, which in the present life is referred to as Prarabdha karma. They are responsible for everything in our existence and make us who we are today; these cannot be avoided or changed and are only exhausted by our experiences. Finally, Kriya or Agami karma is the karma we create for ourselves today as we live in the present life.  All three aspects of karma blend and our choices and actions in the present will become our karma in the future.


Philosophy also tells us that the cycle of reincarnation (birth, death, and rebirth) is called samsara, and every birth is believed to result from an individual's unique karmic circumstances. When a person or living thing dies, their souls are attracted to the circumstances that will help balance their karmic needs and advance their spirituality for the next life.  While karma can act as a positive motivator for leading a spiritual and dharmic lifestyle, samsara, in some ways, is a negative reinforcer. It allows us to strive to be free of this cycle and ultimately achieve moksha.


 Moksha is complete balance and is often translated to being perfectly present at the moment, detached from desire and the fruits of action (consequences or rewards), experiencing absolute peace, and awakening pure compassion towards all.


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