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Fall Cleanse 2021

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The fall season is a premiere time for cleansing, transitioning from the heat and humidity of summer to the cooler and more mobile autumn. There are many kinds of cleanses available today, but some can deplete the body by starvation, laxatives, colonics, astringents, and over-exercising.

Ayurvedic practices Panchakarma (The Five Actions), which is unique because it uses the body's inherent energies along with food, herbs, body therapies, and yogic practices to aid in the removal of toxins, and rejuvenation.

There are many kinds of cleanses to consider out there, but many can deplete the body with starvation, overuse of laxatives, colonics, or over-exercise. Panchakarma is unique and safe because it uses your body's unique and individual energies along with diet, herbs, and holistic therapies to assist in the removal of toxins. It then incorporates rejuvenative practices to bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit.

Detoxification can be done when you feel ill or out of balance, but a premiere time to do Panchakarma is in the Fall months as we move from the heat of summer into the cooler Autumn.

Many of you know that I usually take a group to India during the fall for Panchakarma. I have postponed this retreat until 2022 because of covid concerns. For this fall season, I have designed a 10-day guided home cleanse that is very affordable and can be done at home while working and following your normal schedule with some considerations.

Your 10-day Cleanse Includes:

Initial Consultation & Kitchari cooking class (In-person or virtual)

One on one zoom check-in appointments (scheduled when booked)

Access to my online weekly yoga and pranayama classes

Unlimited support via phone calls and email

Detailed Notebook: Includes daily schedules and instructions, all recipes and support documents, instructions for all practices, detailed product info sheets, and articles.

Supplies Included: Moong beans, quinoa, basmati rice, internal ghee, cooking ghee, your doshic spice blend, mineral salt, triphala capsules, lymphatic capsules, herbal cleansing tea, tongue scraper, nasya oil, Abhyanga oil, castor oil for purgation, and basti oil for last three days of rejuvenating enemas.

Price $475 – (shipping is an additional $25)

You will be doing your daily abhyanga massages at home, or you can schedule appointments at my clinic at an additional cost.

Vaccinations or Covid testing required for face to face appointments )

To discuss in my detail or to sign up, please contact me at 310-339-8639

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