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Poha Rice

Poha is traditionally a Western Indian breakfast recipe, but its taste and ease of preparation have made it extremely popular for any meal. This rice is parboiled (pre-cooked) first and then flattened, which allows it to be prepared by rinsing and then added to dishes. The thickness of the flakes can vary at but in general, you can find the thicker version online at amazon (product picture below). This type of rice is cherished by many because it is considered the most digestible rice product available.


Place the poha in a strainer, and rinse with cold water just until it feels soft, allow to drain, and set aside.

A simple dish is; lightly sauté your spice blend in ghee or oil, then add nuts and raisins and warm. Finally, fold in the poha and warm.

One thing I like to do with poha is; I prepare the poha, then saluted mushroom and kale until just done, and then add poha, fold in, cover, and let the heat of the vegetables warm the poha.

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